This letter was received by the Wilts and Glos Standard

Dear Sir

The latest S106 deadline of February 26, (the fourth so far) came and went without any explanation other than CDC (Cotswold District Council) are looking after the community’s interest. Really!

Community interests include providing much needed houses in a deliverable way.

If, as it is beginning to appear, the BDL scheme is uncommercial without a significant diminution of the community benefits promised, neither housing need nor community interests will be served in continuing with the S106 agreement.

The council needs to satisfy itself that the so called community benefits claimed, promised and continuously defended are not being kicked into the long grass.

From the other side of the fence, the grass is growing and not looking very green.

Tony Berry, CDC Leader stated in a BBC Radio Gloucester interview on Friday, March 1 that all the information was available to the public on the CDC Portal.

That was incorrect. Even if it was available you need to be highly literate and with generous amounts of free time to navigate a CDC portal.

Eileen Grout