A HOUSING developer has confirmed that hedgerow netting, used to prevent birds nesting, is being taken down in Cam.

Residents had expressed concerns about the impact Bovis Homes’ netting, on Box Road, was having on wildlife after birds and a rabbit were spotted within it.

And yesterday Bovis announced that the netting would be removed.

But the firm say that the removal of the netting was due to 'illegal activity by third parties involving vandalism and destruction of property' at the Cam site.

A spokesman for Bovis said: "In response to community concerns about illegal activity by third parties involving vandalism and destruction of property on our Cam site in Gloucestershire, Bovis Homes is removing netting from the hedgerow at this location.

"We do not wish to compromise the health, safety or security of the communities in which we work, or that of our own people, and have therefore taken the precaution of removing the netting, and will not be using it at any of our other locations.

"We now hope to get on with the important job of delivering much-needed new homes for our communities – including properties designated as affordable housing for the benefit of local home seekers.

"Environmental considerations will remain a central part of our work – both during our operations and in the ecological benefits our developments deliver permanently through the planting of trees and vegetation, and the creation of wildlife corridors."

Environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion said that they headed to Cam to take a look and found that the nets were being taken down.

The group posted on social medai: “Box Rd, Cam - XR Stroud turned up to have a look at the netted hedge to find it being taken off ‘orders from above’. So we gave them a hand.”