Surfers have ridden the first five-star Severn Bore of 2019 - one of Britain's most spectacular tidal phenomena.

The Bore - a tide wave that occurs in the lower reaches of the river - was visible as it surged up between Newnham-on-Severn and Over.

Hundreds of spectators lined the riverbank in Gloucestershire to catch a glimpse of the first and only daytime five-star bore this year. Two other night-time bores are predicted for September.

Karin Ayres captured this breathtaking video of the Severn bore earlier today:

The Severn Estuary receives the second highest tide anywhere in the world and the differences between the lowest and highest tide in one day can be more than 47ft (14.5m).

These high or spring tides occur on several days in each lunar cycle throughout the spring and autumn.

  • Our photographer Paul Nicholls was at the event recording the extraordinary scenes in and around the River Severn this morning - take a moment to flick through the whole gallery and enjoy!