This letter was received by the Wilts and Glos Standard

Dear Editor

Your report in the last weeks paper (March 14) on the proposed 'spruce up' of Brewery Court is ironic.

The property developer, more aptly described as a property destroyer and closer of local businesses is planning to use local artists to paint over what remains of a once thriving and attractive area.

There is no date suggested for the cinema construction to start and few in Cirencester believe it will be built.

I suggest that some of the other empty buildings that still have glass windows be used to display local creativity.

The Good Ideas Project has helped one of our members use two of the empty buildings to operate pop-up shops for two successive Christmases.

We now have 40 members and displaying their work near to the Brewery Arts would help create an attractive destination for visitors and help promote a positive image of the town.

I feel that a community notice board could be incorporated into the face lift, creating interest among visitors and local people and help promote local events and attractions.

This would begin to bring the buildings that are left on the site back into use and lay the foundations for a viable future. We need more than public relations and broken promises.

We need action if Cirencester town centre is to prosper in these changing times.

Leigh Chapman