A memorial wood near Cricklade has been called gloomy and noisy by a widow wanting to plant a tree for her husband.

The Millennium and Jubilee woods, which both sit at the end of the town's high street on the Thames Path, are managed by the town council who permit remembrance trees to be planted on the public land there.

A letter to the Cricklade Town clerk Tina Jones explained the area was unsuitable as a place to plant a tree in memory of a loved one.

The woman, who can't be named for data protection reasons, was with a friend, to scope out the area before planting a tree a October.

She said: "We chose a beautiful sunny day to inspect the wood, but were both dismayed to find the wood was gloomy and in poor light, and the noise from the A419, which abutted the site, certainly did not add to any sense of peace or tranquility which both of us felt should pervade the area."

They have asked the town council for permission to plant the trees on nearby Fairview Fields.