The following letter was received by the Wilts and Glos Standard

Dear editor

The Put it to the People March in London on Saturday, March 23 provides an opportunity at this chaotic and critical time to register the extent of opposition there is to having a no deal Brexit or the alternative which is a very bad deal.

The results of the referendum were so close in the first place and so many of the potential benefits we were told about have proved to be false.

Not only will leaving the EU make us poorer, but the proposed deal will mean that we end up following European rules without having any say over them.

Also, at a time when we should be seeking to work more closely with others on really important international issues and the sustainable future of our planet we are becoming more isolationist which is the worst thing we could do.

Having another vote on the alternative to leaving the EU – in whatever form eventually appears, now that we know so much more seems the most sensible and democratic thing to do, particularly in these present circumstances.

There are large numbers of people going from the Cotswolds and it may still not be too late to book a place on one of the coaches from Cirencester or Stroud – contact

Your sincerely

Peter Wiggin