A popular competition to win four tickets to see Tons of Money at the Cirencester Theatre Company with a bottle of champagne has been won by Linda Young.

Chairman of Cirencester Theatre Company Angie Abingdon believes the play is a great escape from the real world.

“The hilarious farce, adopted by Alan Acykbourn has all the ingredients for a riotous night’s entertainment," Angie said. "A convoluted plot, various disguises, mistaken identities and everyone racing around trying to save the day!

"There are some hilarious characters in the play including Aubrey and Louise, who are stony broke.

"Sprules the Butler and Simpson the Maid, they are secretly in love and have a plan, and dear Aunty – everyone will love her – despite her deafness.

“The show has many twists and turns, and a frantic pace which will have you rolling around your seats with laughter.”

The production will run from Wednesday, April 10 to Friday, April 12 at 7.30pm each day, at The Sundial Theatre.

For more information see sundial-theatre.co.uk