I COULD not resist an invitation to an evening of cheese, wine and especially puddings.

I parked the car between mini-buses from all over the county.

It was obvious many others felt the same. The destination for all of us was the Bout Flour Hall at the Royal Agricultural University.

The gathering was organised by the Cirencester Mothers’ Union.

I was aware of the organisation because my mum had been a member since our far off Sheepscombe days and Penny is a member of the thriving Cirencester branch, but it would not have been my first choice of subject if I ever sat in the black Mastermind chair.

The evening was a revelation. I knew men could become members, but not how many had taken up that opportunity. Us males made up a good proportion of the gathering at which extra chairs were needed.

Standing next to me in the quickly moving queue for fine refreshments was a cheerful gentleman from Chipping Sodbury. I had been apprehensive about going, but was now totally at ease.

The main speaker was a previous worldwide president of the MU, Lynne Tembey who was outstanding and inspiring. Also on the platform was another past worldwide president Pat Harris. Readers may remember Pat as being the wife of Cannon Jim Harris who served the church at Uplands and latterly at St Cyr’s Stonehouse.

Cannon Graham Morris charmed the gathering with all the humour and humanity he has shown becoming vicar of Cirencester. Local branch leader Shellaine Foggin and her team had constructed an evening that was entertaining and informative. It was possible to learn about this wonderful organisation that has four million members worldwide, in sixty seven different countries.

We heard about activities locally, nationally and internationally. It was impossible not to be moved. The MU is an organisation that acts. It sees a need and responds. It main thrust is to support families and does so without standing on ceremony. They do not wait to see if there is a traditional family make up. Single parents and children anywhere feature at the top their list. There was so much to take away from that evening.