WORRIED parents have issued a stark warning after their sons were chased by knife-wielding teenage yobs in broad daylight.

Now the two boys, one of whom’s family moved from London for a safer life, are too scared to go out to play.

The terrifying incident happened last Saturday, March 2, at around 3pm, when an 11-year-old boy was out with his 13-year-old friend in Fairford.

The two boys were playing by a lake beside Fairford Football Club when they were approached by two teenagers.

One of the teens pulled out a knife before shouting at the boys who fled on their bikes.

It is not known what the motive of the teens was.

The incident has been reported to police, but mums Charlie Maunder and Tiffany Hicks have been left traumatised by the ordeal.

Tiffany Hicks said: “I moved from London for this reason, to be safer, now it’s a whirlwind of things.

“You just don’t expect that kind of thing to happen in Fairford, in broad daylight.

“My son has found it especially hard, he isn’t talking as much or eating as well, and he hasn’t asked to go out since.

“The kids have lost their freedom.

“My husband has lived here for 47 years and he has never heard anything like it.”

Charlie has lived in Fairford her entire life.

“Never have I ever felt unsafe before, the whole incident fills me with anxiety,” Charlie said.

“My son is nervous about going out to play now. He is a really active boy but since the incident he has shown no interest at all to go out.”

Both parents are issuing a stark warning to dog walkers and other parents who allow their children out in the area.

“My advice is to keep your kids where you can see them,” Tiffany added.

The two white males are thought to be around 16 years old, with one wearing a black Adidas track suit and the other a maroon, grey and black hoodie. If you saw anything suspicious or your recognise the description of the two young men, contact police on 101 quoting incident number 258 of March 2.