Garden waste collections will be monitored throughout the year to ensure that residents receive the best service, says Cotswold District Council.

But the service will need to be examined to ensure that the service remains cost effective.

A council spokesperson has reassured residents that there will be no suspension to the service during the winter months and, instead, that a fortnightly collection service be introduced from November, to reflect the seasonal reduction in garden waste.

After two months of the changes being put into place the council will be asking anyone who uses the service what they think and asking them to give suggestions about what ought to happen with the service in 2020.

Once all of the details have been received the council will consider any changes which need to be brought into place, while considering any changes that the government has asked to be included.

The £30 annual fee for the garden waste license will remain in place for the 2019/20 financial year but will be reviewed next February in live with resident feedback and budgets.