The mayor of Malmesbury has issued a call to arms for residents to take action and voice their concerns at a proposal that could 'rip the town in half'.

Malmesbury mayor Fran Vandelli has written to residents on behalf of Malmesbury Town Council, urging them to let their views be known on a proposal to change the electoral boundaries of the town.

If the proposal was to be approved, Malmesbury Town centre would no longer be part of the Malmesbury electoral division.

The bizarre recommendation would result in The Town Hall, the Cross Hayes car park, and the High Street all falling outside the Malmesbury division.

In a letter addressed to residents of Malmesbury, Mayor Vandelli said: "There is a plan, currently open for public comment, to divide Malmesbury’s voice at Wiltshire Council.

"This plan is part of a review of Wiltshire Council’s electoral boundaries by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

"Your town council is completely against this plan.

"It will negatively impact the effective governance of our town and the cohesion of our community.

"It is possible that it could even lead to Malmesbury being split into two separate parishes with two parish councils.

"If you agree with me, or even if you do not, please make your views known to the commission by April 15th."

The commission wants to hear as much evidence as possible to develop final recommendations for Wiltshire.

If you would like to make a submission to the commission, please email by April 15.