This letter was received by the Wilts and Glos Standard

Dear Editor

To answer Andy Kelly’s letter ‘Blue Badges’ in WGS on March 7, Blue Badge Holders are not exempted from the exclusion of cars in Cricklade Street though I’m aware there are drivers who are unaware of the exclusion.

Perhaps this should be highlighted with a notice.

The problem comes because Blue Badge Holders we're not stopped from parking in Cricklade Street since the exclusion was put in place.

However, this, perhaps, highlights the problem that there are no designated disabled parking spaces in Cirencester town centre since the changes made to the Market Place.

Disabled drivers don’t need free parking. They just need parking.

Having to compete with every other driver wishing to park in Cirencester means there are rarely any parking spaces and those that are available are not usually wide enough if you have a wheelchair or other walking aid.

As I live nearer Stroud it has meant that I can rarely shop in Cirencester now as public transport is minimal and I can’t park near the shops I use.

If I have a hair appointment I’ve usually had to take a taxi which is very expensive.

I am aware that the town council is trying to sort this out with Glos County Council but the latter are not, in my view, taking the matter seriously or speedily.

Perhaps Blue Badge Holders should complain to their county councillors about the problem.

Margaret Headen