This letter was received by the Wilts and Glos Standard

Dear Editor

I AM pleased to see in recent pre-election literature that Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) has released £150m for pothole repairs across the County and District.

Can I plea through these pages that some of this money is used to pay for staff to monitor and quality check the planned repairs?

What annoys me much more than the poor state of the roads, is the continuous cycle of bodged repairs the authorities currently allow.

I am fed up of seeing poorly prepared repairs, with haphazardly applied tarmac that isn’t properly compacted and sealed around the edges, so as soon as a bit of water and frost comes along, it all falls out again.

Please can GCC and CDC make better use of the £150m and make lasting, quality repairs and stop wasting council taxes on unsupervised bodging?


John Allan

Down Ampney