Dear Editor

I’M NOT sure what is going on, but all my life I’ve believed I have been living in a democracy.

I am, however, not so sure now. We have heard that Theresa May, our Prime Minister, has decided to postpone the so-called, meaningful vote until March 12.

Having lost two crucial Brexit votes it seems that Parliament, comprising those elected to represent the people, is now being ignored at the PM’s whim.

Now, if that doesn’t feel like autocratic rule rather than a democratic approach I don’t know how to describe it.

Autocrats, dictators and emperors pay no attention to what their people want. Theresa May is obviously taking lessons from President Maduro, Kim Jong-Un, President Putin and, of course, Donald Trump.

It is time to call her to account. Will our fairly recently-knighted MP do so?

Not a chance. As a committed Brexiteer he has become a toady to the PM in spite of the Cotswolds voting 51% remain in the referendum.

Kind regards

Tim Charsley