WHAT a fantastic photograph of the Cirencester Home Guard Battalion, well done for digging it out and what fine body of patriotic, professional men they make make.

It appears a Maj. E.A. Mackay edited a book which records the exploits and events of the H.G.for Wiltshire in a similar way to Lt.Col. Robinson's memories of Ciren.

Well done for mentioning the lines of defence, some of which can be spotted still about the town.

It is interesting that loopholes (gaps for firing guns) can be seen still in walls in Park Lane and London Road.

A very rare Norcon pill box has been moved to the edge of the field next to the A433 roundabout, which sounds like a mammoth job but it is just a part of a concrete sewer pipe... resources were stretched in 1940!

And there is, of course the air raid shelter still standing behind the old hospital.

I trust the powers that be will ensure these relics of a conflict 70 years ago will be preserved if only to remind us of the dedicated, brave men and women who were willing to defend their town if the invasion had come.

Gordon Williams