I READ an article in the Wilts and Glos Standard (letters) some weeks ago about the dangers of children crossing the road on the A435 at North Cerney. Forty years ago when I lived at North Cerney my children used to cross this road to get to the bus stop towards Cheltenham.

Not so much traffic as now but still a dangerous road to cross.

Today (February 14) I read another letter in the Wilts and Glos Standard from

Eileen Seed.

She states: ‘Does it take a fatality or injury to prompt action on this matter?’ Several years ago a lady who lived in a cottage on this road was knocked

down, sadly she died.

Have the police not got a record of this accident? Would that make a difference to the issues being flagged up now?

Recently I attended a funeral at North Cerney Church, crossing the A435 is very dangerous. Surely Police and Highways can look again at the issues for school children, staff and parents crossing this road and come up with a solution.

Mrs J Rogers