TETBURY Lions Club presented Shaun Scotford with his check for £400 on Monday, February 11 for completing his sponsored parachute jump in support of The Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group (ADSHG), Kevin Painter writes.

Shaun, 26, suffers from neuropathy due to his Addison’s disease, a condition in which steroids are not produced naturally.

Due to his condition, he has developed a weakness in his legs, however, he is often seen around Tetbury on his trusty mobility scooter which he needs to get around.

From charitable donations, Shaun has raised £850 some of which has gone to pay the expenses.

These have been minimised by Dr Claire Rigby waiving her fees for the required medical examination.

He had £400 sponsorship from Tetbury Lions,£100 from the Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds,£250 from the Feoffees of Tetbury and the Jack Lane Trust £100.

He has currently raised over £2,000 with more coming in.

You can still donate to his effort via just giving.com.