A group of pupils at Malmesbury School missed school on Friday, February 15, to protest against climate change.

James Fletcher, Tom Franklin, Daisy Killane, Crystal Edwards, Joanne Freegard and Alex Freegard spent hours making banners and cards for the protest.

The year eight and nine pupils tied a banner to the bridge near the school before heading to the Market Cross in the town.

There, they spent the rest of the afternoon going into shops in town to see what they were doing to be sustainable.

James said: “Not many people will do this in Malmesbury, we just want to spread the message and do our bit.”

The group said the reactions from residents and businesses in the town was very good, but one person did demand they go back to school.

Group leader Joanne said they were inspired by young Swedish girl Greta Thunberg who held a protest outside the Swedish Parliament last year.

“She started all this in Sweden and she inspired us all to do this, when I heard about it we knew we could do something.”

Malmesbury headteacher Tim Gilson said: “The students are serious minded, thoughtful, and care deeply about this.

"However I never believe missing school is a good idea.

"Good education is an important part of being a good campaigner.

"But we do respect their views and won’t penalise them for this, they’ve done the protest very respectively.”