JOHN Light’s article, “Arrogance that Kept Cost Hidden from Us”, in last week’s edition made interesting reading.

John highlights the fact that it took a Freedom of Information request, that was initially refused, and a legal order that was appealed against, to force our county council to reveal that the controversial Javelin Park is more expensive than expected.

I wonder if John is also aware that Cotswold District Council has refused to answer a Freedom of Information request from the Save Our Cirencester group, regarding the £30,000+ they spent on a QC in the controversial Chesterton development proposed by Bathurst Developments Ltd.

The London based QC was instrumental in advising council members before they voted on the application.

Via a Freedom of Information request, SOC asked for details of the instructions given by CDC to the QC, the advice that was received, and the role played by the QC in the preparation of the planning officer’s report for the Bathurst application – all entirely reasonable requests.

I wonder why CDC has refused to answer this Freedom of Information request.

John picks out three words to describe the action of GCC: arrogant, disdainful and patronising. These words could equally apply to CDC for their refusal to explain how our money has been spent.

Anne Golics