A RARE selection of paintings and drawings by one of the country’s most highly prized artists will be on show at an art gallery in Cirencester next month.

A large collection of work by artist L.S.Lowry has been acquired by Whitewall Galleries, including original pieces and limited editions hand signed by the artist available for purchase.

The art will be on display at the Cirencester gallery on Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3.

It’s one of the biggest Lowry collections ever seen in the Cotswolds.

Lowry, 1887–1976,was a highly individual artist with a unique style. He developed a distinctive style of painting and is best known for his urban landscapes peopled with human figures often referred to as "matchstick men".

His work spans the first half of the 20th century and records with his own personal view of the people and architecture of Northern Britain.

Lowry was born in Old Trafford, Manchester in 1887. He moved to Pendlebury in Salford in 1909, where he was to live for nearly 40 years.

Lowry first exhibited in 1919 at Manchester Art Gallery. By 1945 Lowry had had three exhibitions and by the 1950s the Royal Academy had invited him to join and his fame and success were assured.

In the last 20 years, Lowry has become one of the country’s most highly prized artists. While in 1999 the highest price for one of his paintings had been £1.9m most recent public valuation was between £6m and £10m.

The Lowry exhibition is at Whitewall Galleries, 2 West Market Place, Cirencester on Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3. 10am-5pm.