Westonbirt may have the misfortune to be home of one of Britain's biggest potholes.

The crater-like hole was spotted by Tom Matten in Westonbirt, Gloucestershire on Saturday, February 9.

He posted the pictures on Facebook warning people of the pothole.

"Warning to anyone travelling to Doughton or Tetbury from the Hair and Hounds in Westonbirt, a 5 foot pothole in the dip before Doughton that has claimed a few wheels and tyres.

"Real problem on a bike!"

The pictures reveal the pothole is almost 4 inches in depth and 24 inches wide.

Tom reported the pothole to the police stating 'danger to life if a motorbike or cyclist hits it'.

It is believed that repairs were carried out this morning, and the pothole has now been fixed.

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire county Council said: “We have received reports of potholes in this area and have passed this information to our inspection team for investigation.

"We inspect roads right across the county regularly to make sure they are safe.

"High priority issues are fixed within 24 hours and other damage within 28 days, which is in line with national standards. 

"It’s easy to report an issue with the roads by visiting www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/reportit