Thefts in shops have decreased in Cirencester according to police figures.

Police say so far this year they have recorded 129 thefts from shops in the town, and are hopeful that the overall number of offences will be less than the 182 thefts from shops last year.

It is a far cry from the figures published in 2017, when police reported that the number of shoplifting offences had doubled to 214.

Cotswold Police Sergeant Garrett Gloyn believes that the reduction in crime is down to police obtaining Criminal Behaviour Orders on repeat offenders.

“Shortly after we released the figures for the performance year 2016-2017, following liaison with the local retail forum, the Neighbourhood Policing team were successful in obtaining a Criminal Behaviour Order for Jon Goscombe banning him from most shops in Cirencester,” Sgt Gloyn said.

“We also obtained a CBO for Craig Russell banning him from entering the town centre at night due to the number of retail outlets that he was burgling.”

In the past few years, police in the Cotswolds have obtained four Criminal Behaviour Orders on repeat offenders.

Under the order, police can prohibit shoplifters from entering certain stores, or every store in town.

Failure to stick to these conditions would be a criminal offence for which the could be arrested.

For 2017-2018, the number of recorded shoplifting offences had dropped from 214 to 182.

Since the introduction of the banning orders, police have collated evidence of offenders who are persistently stealing from local shops.

They do so to discourage future offending and to provide stronger penalties for the courts should the orders be breached.

This month police obtained two CBO orders for Christopher Baker and Danny Ross.

Sgt Gloyn added: “I am hopeful of there being another reduction in the number of this type of crime.

“Looking at news relating to high street retail, goodness knows they need some good news.”