A reader has written to The Standard after hearing comments made by MP Boris Johnson on BBC Radio Four's Today Programme:

I wonder who else heard MP Boris Johnson on Monday’s Radio 4 Today Programme, when he said “People around the world are going 'wow’ - they've made this incredible decision to go global''.

John Simpson the BBC journalist tweeted by way of reply “This is certainly not my experience. From US to China to India to SAfrica, people I'm hearing from think we're opting for imperial nostalgia”.

One might add delusion. This is surely the saddest place this country has been in my lifetime and it is one of the reasons that I am proud to be standing for the only party that has been consistently speaking truth to power over Brexit.

Cllr Dr Brian Mathew

Liberal Democrat prospective MP for North Wiltshire and Wiltshire councillor for Box and Colerne