A TALENTED photographer has created a stunning video using a montage of photographs from across Gloucestershire.

The short film shows many recognisable beauty spots captured using impressive photographic techniques to accentuate the natural beauty of the area.

Wayne Clutterbuck who lives in Leonard Stanley explained the motivation and process behind the video.

"I have had a passion for photography for the last five years, and use that to produce natural photographs of flowers, landscapes and animals in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside.

"The star shots took about an hour and half to shoot each - the locations needed to be very dark to capture the light from the stars," he explained.

"I also wanted to use recognisable locations that most people would know, so it took a bit of time to work out the best places to take the shots.

"One of the shoots needed to happen on a busy roundabout to capture the car light trails - that one took about 15 minutes to set up and capture the photos.

"In total, with all of the editing and travel the film probably took me a good day to make."

Eagle-eyed residents from Gloucestershire may recognise several of the well-known views from across the county in the video.

To see more of Wayne's fantastic work visit wayneclutterbuckphotography.co.uk