A drink driver who was spared jail for flashing his middle finger at pursuing police has been told he is sticking two fingers up at the court.

Judge Robert Pawson put Jake Wright on a community order last summer, telling him if he breached it 'you will go to prison'.

But after the 23-year-old repeatedly failed to abide by his curfew, missed probation appointments and didn't turn up for unpaid work he was given 'a last chance'.

Wright was told to do 200 hours of unpaid work, 20 days rehabilitation activity requirement, a three month curfew and pay a £1,500 fine in late August.

But on at least four occasions in September and October he was not at home between 6pm and 6am, missed unpaid work and failed to attend a probation appointment.

Andrew Stone, prosecuting, said the community service had been suspended because of his absences and he had made just three of the £100 weekly instalments on the fine.

Sue Cavender, defending, said he had always had a job since leaving school and was a ground worker at a site in Oxford, which led to him being late back.

She said he struggled to make probation appointments which made him late for the curfew, and he also went in the garden to cool off after arguing with his mum.

As a result of the order she said he lost his job but was due to start with a new employer next week.

The judge asked "Why is he not paying the fine: £100 a week? It looks like he is sticking up two fingers to the court."

Allowing the order to continue he said "It smacks of a young man not really facing up to his responsibilities and taking a grip of his won life."

He imposed a four month curfew for weekends and told him to pay the fine at £100 a week or face a five week jail term and £150 for the costs of the hearing.

Wright, who has not passed his test, was behind the wheel of his brother's car and had stolen petrol when police tried to pull him over at 2am on a Saturday night last June.

But he sped away before going through red lights and driving on the wrong side of the road in Cricklade and Charlton.

He admitted dangerous driving, failing to stop, no insurance, aggravated taking without consent, drink driving, driving without a licence and making off without payment.