Dear Editor

I do not often write to the newspapers but there were two letters in the January 31 edition of the Standard, which although they appear to address two separate issues, do in fact touch upon the EU. The first by councillor Mathew, the second concerning the Javelin Park incinerator.

I would like in this letter to demonstrate how, what should be local issues, are affected by EU legislation.

The European commission produces EU Directives, these are then sent to National Parliaments who rubber stamp them and send them on to those who will enforce them. The European Directive for incinerators is: - Directive 2000/76/EC. To make sure that the directive is enforced a landfill tax is levied (currently £138.00 per tonne) with an annual multiplier of 3%. Javelin Park had to built.

Another example of Brussels law in HS2 adopted in the Blair years - opposed by the Tories; in the coalition years promoted by the Tories and opposed by Labour. HS2 is part of the Trans European Railways and came in to affect with EU Council Directive 96/48/EC.

It will be built. I can go on, the destruction of Post Office - the closing of the aluminium smelter in Scotland.

The above is of course the bletherings of an ignorant blue collar worker - one of those, whom the Lib Dems think didn't know what they were voting for. Just remember we are ruled from Brussels by decree.

I remain yours faithfully,

R.J Stephens