I used to love airports.

Not flying until my late thirties they were to me places of true excitement.

Not now!

I find them utterly dehumanising.

Of course security checks are necessary but I am afraid they contribute to a process where at no time are you master of your own destiny with so many decisions made for you.

Queue for check in, bag drop and then the tray filling security check are all essentials but that is far from the end of it.

Your route to the departure lounge takes you on a meandering path through shops and stalls selling inviting goods that you may think you want, but certainly never need.

When you finally find a seat relaxation is impossible.

Important questions have to be asked and answered, such as which departure gate and the time you need to be there.

Large, ever changing screens need to be constantly checked, and of course obeyed.

If you do have time for a cup of tea or bacon sandwich avoid the temptation.

Airport food is far from appetising and could never be called cheap.

Arriving at the departure gate is not the end of restrictions.

Loading the plane is another area of instruction.

Of course order is important, but now I am anxious to reach my seat, but have to wait until appropriate class and row is called.

At last I am there! I cocoon myself in my own bubble of personal space.

That is just the outgoing journey. The return is almost as bad.

There is waiting to disembark the plane, then a lengthy journey to baggage reclaim before passport control is reached.

To make matters worse I never remember which way my passport is placed in the recognition machine.

I am always the simpleton having to ask for help and holding everyone up.

At last I see the sign saying exit. It could have another word underneath it.

It is a word that means so much to all of us, especially me as I leave the confines of the airport.

Quite simply it is FREEDOM.