Packing has taken over!

A three week Caribbean holiday is imminent and this means a major operation with Mrs Light totally in charge.

In far off days my packing policy was simple.

Chuck an appropriate number of garments in a case usually an hour or so before departure and off I would go.

Now it is all so very different.

First of all there is the medicine chest.

We take protection against insects, and any possible type of tummy disorder.

Having recently had bronchial problems, cough medicine and throat lozenges are there in abundance.

The sun is regarded as a huge hazard and there are numerous potions to deal with the threat it poses.

Both of us take several tablets each day anyway and they take up the final corners of an already full medical bag.

Then we come to footwear.

Every item has to be cleaned, happily I have stopped Penny removing the laces from her trainers and washing them, perhaps even ironing them but it was a hard battle.

Every item of clothing is scrutinised and two questions are asked.

Does it need a washing a) or b) ironing?

As we are taking summer items I remind Mrs Light that everything was packed away last autumn in a pristine stage and these should be no problem.

Nonetheless the laundry basket fills up and no garment goes into each suitcase with even a small crease.

I have yet to mention choice. This is another major matter.

We have several days when a multitude of garments are placed on the bed and perused, not once, but several times.

Finally an appropriate number are selected.

In so many areas of her life such as the classroom and kitchen Mrs Light was and is quick thinking and decisive.

Neither word applies to her choice of T-shirt.

There is one advantage to this.

When we arrive in Barbados, Penny will say: “You pop out and find somewhere to eat and I will sort our room out.”

I do not have to be asked twice.

When I return every item will be properly stored and the bathroom will be a revelation with every perfume and potion perfectly positions.

There will be a huge hug.

What would I do without her?