Gloucestershire County Council has chanced the dates of resufcating work on a Cirencester Road following complaints from residents and businesses.

The council had arranged for a contractor to resurface Ashcroft Road from 9am-7pm on February 13-18.

The road is the only route to and from the Brewery Car Park and several businesses.

After complaints and discussions with Cotswold District Council (CDC) the work will instead take place on consecutive Sundays, the dates of which have yet to be announced.

It is hoped this will minimise the impact on traders in the town as well as reducing the potential traffic chaos arising from the displacement of around 1,000 cars each day.

CDC leader, Councillor Tony Berry, said: "It is good news that we will soon have a smooth new road surface on Ashcroft Road, but we need to make sure that motorists can still access the Brewery Car Park during the busiest periods and we also want to support businesses in the area.

"Our officers have done a great job in coming up with the solution, and we are also grateful to County officers for helping to make this happen.

"I apologise to the residents of Ashcroft Road who may be inconvenienced on Sundays, and I am pleased to offer them the use of the council’s Trinity Road car park on those days.”

Efforts will also be made to help those with resident parking permits, and attendees at the local churches in the vicinity, during the course of the works.

Resurfacing work at nearby Querns Lane will go ahead as previously advertised - from 9.30am-3.30pm on February 15-20.