Sometimes, a project seem to develop an unstoppable momentum.

I am worried that this may be happening with Cirencester’s Multi Storey Car Park project.

I have written previously about how this project seems inappropriate from nearly every prospective, and that alternative solutions are likely to be better for Cirencester, the businesses operating in Cirencester, and for the quality of life of the residents and visitors.

The only evidence given in support of a multi-storey solution does not, actually, do any such thing.

In fact, it makes no mention of multi-storey solutions at all, points out that Park and Ride solutions have their drawbacks, and uses data from nearly 20 years ago.

I suspect that the authors would be horrified to think that their study was being used in this way.

Although I emphasise that I do not know the actual costs involved, I wonder if a little bit of simple arithmetic help?

If a multi-storey car park cost £5m and a Park and Ride cost 25 percent of that, and if it cost £750 per day to run a coach, do you realise that the bus could be run for 13.7 years before it cost as much as the multi-storey?

Of course, it’s more complicated than that - there would be interest to pay on loans, maintenance of infrastructure, car parking revenue and doubtless other factors, but it would make me think twice, and then twice more, before committing to that sort of expenditure if there were other alternatives, which more prospect of improving the quality of the environment.

Yours Sincerely,

C J Goldie