A PRIMARY school in Cirencester has become the first in the area to become a crisp packet recycling centre, thanks to the hard work of eco warrior pupils.

Twelve eco warriors from years 1-6 at Powell’s school have collected over 10kg of crisp packets in just four weeks, saving them from landfill sites, and sent them off to recycling company TerraCycle.

The eco warriors have set up three collection points around the school and encourage other pupils and staff to collect up to 20 empty crisp packets at a time before depositing them in the collection bins.

Once received by TerraCycle, crisp packets are sorted and separated and then cleaned, shredded, and made into new recycled products.

The crisp packet recycling scheme is the latest project for the eco warriors. The eco warriors have previously learnt about the use of palm oil, how to encourage pollinating insects and have visited Forest Green Rovers to learn about how a football club can be eco friendly.

10 year-old eco warrior Emily Folkesson said that her local neighbourhood watch had started collecting crisp packets on behalf of the school.

Student Isobel Butler-Inskip said: ‘”I think it’s great that we are collecting rubbish rather than just putting it in the bin. I always see crisp packets on the floor in the park and the street and it makes me want to pick them up and collect them for a good cause.”

Bayly Robertson added: “I think we should aim to collect a tonne of crisp packets over all.”

Class teacher and eco warrior leader, Emma Burry, said: “I think it’s really important to teach children that small steps can make a big difference.

“To the younger generation, recycling is the norm, so at Powell’s we have been trying to harness their enthusiasm for this.”

If you have a number of crisp packets you would like to recycle, please drop them at the collection point outside the school office, Monday-Friday.