£300,000 worth of cannabis plants were found by police on Tuesday in Gloucester, after emergency services were called to a fire.

Gloucestershire Police joined fire crews at a premises on Llanthony Road shortly after 8.45pm.

Whilst at the address, police discovered an industrial size cannabis grow as 355 plants were found.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Smith said: "In the last week the serious and organised crime team have discovered a significant amount of cannabis grows within the county.

"I believe that these discoveries will have a significant impact on all of our communities as these factories generate money that is pumped into the purchase of Class A drugs like Cocaine, Sexual Exploitation, Human Trafficking and also the purchase of Firearms.

"We have seized over £1 million worth of cannabis so far this year and we would ask anyone who suspects that drugs are being manufactured near them to let us know, you can do this by anonymously calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."