IT seems the nation's love for pigs in blankets show no signs of slowing this side of Christmas after the incredible reaction to Marks and Spencer's new addition to shop shelves.

A Facebook post about their new 'Love Sausage' received more than 2,000 comments in just over an hour. 

One comment added: "Absolutely hilarious! Clever marketing and looks really tasty. I love a bit of sausage, ooohhh matron!"

While others argued they didn't think it was an approriate name for a store like Marks and Spencer to use, other consumers soon jumped to their defence. 

Another commented added: "People who are saying that it is a ridiculous name, I agree it is, but if everyone is talking about it maybe the marketing team aren't as silly as we think!"

Described as 'heart-shaped, lightly-truffled and wrapped in bacon', the Love Sausage will be in stores from tomorrow, Friday, ahead of Valentine's Day next week and costs £5.

The shop added they hope shoppers don't mind them 'having some fun' and letting customers ‘say it with sausages’ as well as flowers this year.

They expect to sell more than 15,000 Love Sausages this week with the item also packed in a baking tray to save time on washing up.

Sarah Loxton, product developer said: “We’re encouraging customers to start the fun of Valentine’s Day celebrations early with a Love Sausage for breakfast.

"The recipe includes a hint of delicious truffle to make it extra special and my top tip is to crack two eggs into the centre of the heart, eight minutes before serving for the breakfast of dreams.”