I HAVE recently made a visit to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

It lasted twenty minutes, for which I was charged £2.40 parking fee.

I realise that this is the charge for one hour but this exorbitant figure was made all the more galling as, just a few yards down the road, at the railway station, parking costs £1 per hour.

What possible justification can there be be for this tax on the sick?

I believe that the hospital does not operate the car park, but surely they must have some say in the matter.

Are they content that the people they treat are being penalised for requiring treatment?

Similar charges are levied at Cheltenham, and incidentally at Nottingham, where car parking is also treated as a licence to print money.

Patients are being milked for every penny the operators can get.

If Stroud, Cirencester, and Dursley hospitals can provide free parking for those unfortunate enough to requite treatment, why cannot the far bigger concerns do the same.

Yours Sincerely,

Clive Blackmore