Strict conditions have been imposed on a dog owner after an incident last year.

The dog owner from Chedworth was handed a dog control order by magistrates.

The order states that the two dogs must be kept under control, be on non-extendable leads and wear a muzzle in public.

Measures must also be taken on doors, gates and walls to ensure the dogs cannot escape the home.

The order was issued after a report was made last year by another Chedworth resident who was 'put in fear' by the two dogs whilst out walking in the village.

A gloucestershire police spokesperson said: "This is a pleasing result for the Cotswold Neighbourhood Policing team and for the residents of Chedworth."

The order can be imposed by councils, but Chedworth Parish Council have confirmed that they were not involved in the case. 

A spokesperson for Chedworth Parish Council said of the case: "The council regularly reminds dog owners of the importance of being responsible - particularly in respect of picking up after their pets.

"We have had complaints about people who allow their dogs to foul areas round the village including on the parish playing field and do not clean it up and we would urge everyone to remember that this is totally unacceptable."

Dog control orders allows for certain conditions to be imposed on owners.