A former journalist from The Standard has taken on a 16,500 mile walk that will span four continents.

Tom Fremantle expects the mammoth trek to take around three and a half years, if he walks around 20 miles per day. Although he will be at the mercy of the elements.

He said: “On a trip like this there needs to be discipline but you also need to wing it at times, adapting to any surprises the road springs up.

“I will mostly camp, but I may also stay in churches, police and fire stations, schools, universities, town halls, temples, monasteries and even barns.”

Although Tom admitted that he will submit to the occasional hostel or hotel, especially when he’s stinky.

“People who undertake this challenge have are determined, inspiring and in the best possible way, mad as March hares,” added Tom.

“I’m not trying to break any record, I’m 50, and it’s been done much faster by half a dozen others, albeit using very diverse routes.

“Walking around the world sounds bonkers but it is actually quite doable.

“I plan to stride off from the US and Mexican border, where I lived and taught for a few years, and keep jiggling east in a continuous line across four continents.”

On his adventure, Tom will travel through America, Europe, Africa and Australasia.

He will pack light and carry his essentials in a small hiking cart.

“What sets these world walkers and runners apart is they are all serious athletes, endurance smashing legends, but I am not an athlete of any sort,” Tom explained.

“My only strengths are my optimistic nature and will to finish what I started.”

En route, Tom will raise money for three charities, the Alzheimer’s Society, Puzzle Centre and Medical Detection Dogs.

“All the money donated will go directly to the charities and, rather than being a drop in the ocean as is the case with many larger international charities,” he said.

So far, Tom has walked for over 134 days and completed 2,000 miles of his journey.

Anyone can follow Tom’s adventure, or donate to any one of his three chosen charities at tomsworldwalk.com