I would like to thank John Light for the article in last week’s WGS in which he highlighted the shenanigans of our political masters at Shire Hall.

The article referred specifically to the hugely controversial Javelin Park incinerator near Haresfield, but take a step closer to Cirencester and compare this with the shenanigans of the other branch of our trusted servants - Cotswold District Council, who approved the OPA for the Chesterton development of 2,350 houses to be built on productive farmland at Chesterton.

John’s reference to feeling betrayed are shared by many of us in this town.

The following are just a few examples of decisions made that leave the community feeling powerless and bewildered.

Primary Health Care Provision: This is the same council that implied a Heath Centre would be provided by the developer of the Chesterton development, Bathurst Development Limited.

It’s just come to light that BDL will sell a site for a Health Centre to the Clinical Commissioning Group based on current development land value.

Save Our Cirencester are challenging Cotswold District Council on this.

Improved Town Centre access: This is the same council that recently announced they will not be pursuing a Park and Ride scheme because they are concerned: (a) it would generate increased traffic and pollution and (b) the impact of the environmental issues in creating a car park on what is likely to be a Greenfield site.

Compare this with the impact/pollution generated by the 4,000 extra cars coming from 2,350 extra houses proposed for what is productive farmland.

Double standards!

Freedom of Information: This is the same council that has a runaway talent for spending our money and then withholding the information – I am referring specifically to the recent FOI request made by Save Our Cirencester for a breakdown of the details on the advice sought from a QC, costing £30,000 regarding the Chesterton Development.

Transparency is mandatory in such dealings.

Eileen Grout (Mrs)