ONE of TV’s biggest show’s came to Royal Wootton Bassett after the film crew spotted the perfect location they needed by chance.

The starts of BBC One’s prime-time crime drama Silent Witness spent two days at Crapper & Sons to film scenes where the forensics team unearth body parts covered in intricate Japanese tattoos.

The show attracts around5.5 million viewers per episode - Crapper and Sons features in tonight's episode, which was the first half of a two-parter which concludes tomorrow night.

Managing director Richard Crapper was thrilled to have his business play a key role in the series.

He said: “It was definitely something different, we were just glad to be able to help them out. We’ve never had a drama film here before, we usually appear in documentaries like Inside Out.

“The staff were excited about the film crews being there.- one of them got to play an extra operating one of the machines.

“The show’s catering team did really good food, especially the pies - with no body parts in them, as far as I could tell...”

The episode’s scenes were originally going to be filmed in a quarry with CGI added in but the location fell through, then one of the team spotted the tip while driving past Swindon. A few days later, the film crew brought all their equipment and main cast down there.

Producer Kiaran Murray-Smith told the Radio Times that the location “worked brilliantly”, though filming there in 32-degree summer heat was “smelly and hot."