‘A VERY happy new year’ from all of us here at Jackson Stops Cotswolds.

And what a fascinating year it’s looking to be!

Everybody holding their breath to what might happen next, as we meander confused and conflicted, away from our European cousins.

But not everybody is willing to wait, it would seem.

We can hear the crescendo of voices from our embattled property market, exclaiming in unison their pent up frustration.

Perhaps this continued sentiment is a hangover from the lack of market confidence seen throughout the majority of 2018.

As we tentatively predicted, 2019 has already seen positive signs that the property market may have a renewed appetite.

Buyers and sellers desperately trying to make plans, regardless of any uncertainty.

Our early indications show an optimistic resurrection in instructions and viewings alike.

Finally some encouraging news.

Tania Thompson

Residential Sales Director

Jackson-Stops, Cirencester