After a night out on the town and one too many beers, I got that inevitable craving for something fatty, meaty, spicy and lathered with mayonnaise to take home and devour.

Situated in the heart of the town, Stroud Kebab World was the obvious answer - the smell of cheap lamb filled my nostrils and I knew that a large doner kebab was the answer.

I feel like it is a little pointless debating the atmosphere because at the end of the day it is a kebab shop, however I will say that the staff were extremely polite and friendly as ever.

After a short while, I received my doner meat which was lathered in mayonnaise and seasoned with herbs and spices - they topped this off with a generous layer of salad.

Fortunately, they did not scrimp on the red onion, an essential ingredient.

Excited by the thought of gaining a few more unnecessary pounds, I stumbled home to gorge on my kebab.

The doner meat was seemingly never-ending, yet it was tender and juicy with no bits of bone or any other unwanted ingredients.

What I will say is the meat was wonderfully cooked and not too crispy, so to avoid that unpleasant crunchy texture.

Complementing the meat was a generous layer of salad, it was crisp and fresh - the onion was crunchy and uncooked which to be honest was absolutely lovely.

To top it all off the lamb was coated in mayonnaise, and to my surprise it did not taste cheap as is often the case with takeaways.

Overall, the eating experience was a fantastic - although the copious amounts of lager consumed beforehand may have added to this.

In total, the doner cost £8 and although this may seem expensive for a kebab, I must say that Stroud Kebab World is superior to your average Saturday night takeaway.

Additionally, I must say the menu on offer is rather extensive.

As well as kebabs, you can take home burgers, pizza, garlic bread, traditional fish and chips and even desserts.

I would recommend Stroud Kebab World to any avid meat eater, although the vegan and vegetarian options do leave something to be desired.

In reflection, my kebab experience has left me with a taste for takeaway food and a return is in store for myself and the rest of the lads.

Have you been to Stroud Kebab World?


Quality of food - 5

Quality of drink - N/A

Value for money - 3

Atmosphere - 3

Service - 4