OBSCENE graffiti in a public underpass used by children has been painted over by a two members of the Chesterton Community Project,who have vowed that they will continue to do so if it appears again.

Councillor Ray Brassington and Fiona Hawes, who are both members of the Chesterton Community Project, painted over the offensive graffiti in the underpass on Tetbury Road Cirencester.

Cllr Brassington, who is Cotswold District Council councillor for Four Acres ward in Chesterton, said: “I was informed that somebody had written unsuitable, to say the least, graffiti on the boards in the subway.

“Having seen it, it was necessary to have this removed soon as possible particularly since young children use this subway.

“I was very happy therefore to help out by painting over the obscene graffiti.”

Unfortunately within 24 hours of painting over the graffiti parts of it had been defaced again and the councillor promised to paint over it again.

He added: “If it reappears then we will paint over again.”

The subway is located at the end of Chesterton lane where it goes under the Tetbury Road.

The Chesterton Community Project is made up of local residents from the Chesterton area,who have one goal in common, to promote community led schemes and social responsibility to improve the quality of life for everyone.