Dear Editor

SOME of you may have seen an article in this Saturday's Telegraph about the effect of the lack of customer service on the declining High Street.

It mentioned the dire lack of customer service in the majority of stores but drew attention to one which was bucking the trend. Waterstones was increasing sales by having such good customer service.

I am not surprised since Cirencester Waterstones is a shining example of what retail is all about.

Over the recent Xmas period I noted how quiet Cirencester was with few people out and about shopping.

But walk into Waterstones and there they all were, busy happy customers being served by busy, kind, helpful staff. No question was too trite or too difficult for the staff, each treating the customer with respect and spending time and effort in finding the right book or recommending one.

The management of the shop is excellent, but every member of their staff team is knowledgeable, friendly and cheerful. It is a delightful place to visit.

How lucky we are to have a branch of Waterstones in our midst.

Florence Beetlestone

Festival Director

Cotswolds AONB Hare Trail