Constituents are voicing their anger in this week’s letters page, on page 28, over their MPs vote in the crucial Brexit withdrawal deal vote on Tuesday.

North Wiltshire Conservative MP James Gray voted against the deal, describing it as keeping “Britain in some kind of limbo for all time”.

Meanwhile the Cotswolds Conservative MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown voted for the deal, despite massive reservations, describing it as “flawed in a number of key aspects”.

As MPs struggle to decide upon the nature and shape of our exit from Europe, businesses and householders are left in further limbo, wondering what will happen next.

Our readers tell us of concerns over an uncertain future, and we see the debate raging on our website and across our social media pages too.

It's a divisive topic, and we need our political representatives to lead us through this stormy time - clearly and calmly.

Ensuring that they represent our interests - not theirs.

We deserve better from those elected to lead us.