A STRATTON mother is spearheading a campaign to get her local son’s playground revamped.

Sally Thomas has set up a community group with a team of local volunteers with the aim of improving the facilities at Baunton Lane Playing Field in Stratton, Cirencester.

Sally, who has a four and a half year old son Alexander, started to raised awareness and funds in 2018, and organised a Love Parks community picnic at the playing field last July to raise awareness of her plans.

“It is really exciting. We think this could be a great community space,” she said.

She has held several consultation events, online and in person, to find out what local residents would like to see for their revamped park, and a committee has been formed with seven members.

Suggestions include more equipment for older children, including a nest swing which can also be suitable for disabled children, a trim trail, gym equipment and outdoor table tennis.

There was also felt to be a need for more shade and places to sit.

"Older residents want a place where they can sit, and perhaps a community garden," Sally said.

She is also hoping to get it designated as a Green Flag park.

Fundraising is key to the success of this initiative and in December Sally and her team organised a live reindeer event at the park to raise funds, securing £500.

Sally, who is a project manager, is also in the process of applying for several grants including one from Cirencester Town Council.

"I have had great support and encouragement from lots of people," Sally said. "Local town councillors Andrew Lichnowski and Patrick Coleman have been fully supportive and have each pledged their council youth activity fund of £100 towards this project."

She added: "We are also working with local organisations including the Stratton Association and Stratton Youth Football Club.

"The Cirencester Town Council Estates Office, who own the land and would need to approve any new equipment before it goes in, are also providing us with good advice."

The group is hoping that if all the funding is secured, new facilities could be in place by the summer.

Visit Facebook Baunton Lane Playing Field (Stratton) if you would like to get involved.