Families from a sustainable school in Oakridge came together on a chilly Saturday to develop their allotment - but they sat around the fire pit to keep warm.

Thanks to the efforts of half a dozen families, children at Oakridge Parochial School were able to lay the foundations for their outdoor education experience.

Gill Skeffington, a parent at the school, is pleased with the rapid progress the school have made with the allotment.

“What was once just a lumpy patch of grass now containing six raised vegetable beds, a wildflower area, wildlife area with a large pond, bird feeding station, compost area and more,” Gill said.

“It was a wonderful day in the fresh air - the children helped with various tasks, built dens and played games.”

The school are still fundraising to raise money for their allotment.

You can donate to their page bit.ly/2zDaApu