The second day of the trial of a young farmer young farmer living at the prestigious Royal Agricultural University who is charged with sexually assaulting a woman visitor was heard in Gloucester Crown Court yesterday.

On the first day of the trial William Foster, 23, of Gatfield Road, Hunningfield, Suffolk, pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting the woman at the university in Cirencester, between June 1 and 4, 2017.

The woman who claims she was assaulted by a Royal Agricultural University student following a Beer Festival on the campus told a Gloucester jury “I just knew I was in a dangerous situation.”

The woman had travelled that day to meet a friend of hers who worked at the prestigious university in Cirencester.

The friend lived with Mr Foster and his then girlfriend in a flat in Chesterton House, Vyners Close. The jury have heard that Mr Foster was a final year students at the time.

The group of four went out for a meal in the Cotswolds town before then attending a German Beer Festival back at the university.

The woman told the court that said she wished to have a shower as 'beer had been flying everywhere' during the festival.

She told the jury that Mr Foster entered the en-suite shower three times when she was trying to have a shower.

Investigating police officers are said to have seen a photograph of the woman partially clothed in the shower found by investigating police officers on Mr Foster's phone.

The woman said that she had already felt uncomfortable in Mr Foster's presence during their meal, and agreed this was an 'invasion of privacy' that led to a 'sense of disquiet'.

“I said could you stop coming in here,” she told the jury, “that was three times I asked him.”

Once she left the shower and entered the room of her friend, she saw Mr Foster performing a sex act on him.

The woman had anticipated sharing the room, but this left her in 'shock, pure shock.'

“I said: 'do you mind not doing that in front of me?' to the defendant. Again he said sorry, and I took myself into the living room,” the woman said.

She went to lie down on one of the sofas, and Mr Foster's girlfriend was asleep on the other one.

“I had removed myself from that situation,” the woman said. “I had no plans to go back to the bedroom. I heard him leave the bedroom. Make his way through to the living room.

“I did not want to talk to him. I felt very uneasy with him. I pretended to be asleep. My phone was in my hand.”

The woman said Mr Foster sat on the edge of the sofa she was lying on and called her by her name.

“I didn't move. I did not open my eyes.

“He said: 'how big are your boobs actually?'” she said. “I lay still. I was in almost a foetal position.”

The woman said that she then felt Mr Foster's hand 'up my pyjama shorts'.

“In that moment I realised I was in serious trouble,” she said. “I could not let it go any further.

“He went slightly above my leg. I was not comfortable with any contact from him, especially as he believed I was asleep at this point.

“It was my upper left leg, then his hand moved towards my private areas.”

When asked where his hand was going she told the jury se believed it was heading for her genitals.

“I gathered myself together,” she said, “and shot up. He seemed quite shocked. I said 'What do you think you are doing?'

“I still have my phone and ran to the door. I was in fight or flight mode. I ran as fast as I could out of the flat. It was raining I was barefoot.”

The woman then called the police, and said: “I was on the phone and the defendant and his girlfriend approached me.

“I said to him 'You touched me'. He looked at me. Not with a look of remorse, but a look of I have been caught.”

The woman said she felt 'terrified' as a result of the alleged assault.

“I didn't know where I was. I didn't really fully understand what had just happened. I just knew I was in a dangerous situation.”

In cross examination it was put to the woman that Mr Foster had mistaken her for his girlfriend and not used her name.

“I strongly disagree,” she replied.

It was also put to the woman that Mr Foster had only touched her on 'the outside of your hip to try and rouse you'.

“I disagree,” the woman said.

The trial is expected to continue for a further day.