ONCE again, the Cotswolds MP, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, has chickened out, having briefly and encouragingly raised his head above the parapet.

He now says he’ll vote for the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

I have had it with this man as my MP, and on Monday I emailed this to him.

I can’t tell you how disgusted I am with your pusillanimity, Sir Geoffrey.

You told me clearly on 11 December that you had been going to vote against the Prime Minister’s deal had the vote happened when planned.

On 4 January, I urged you to continue on that course - but I should have known from your past performances that you would waver like a piece of pasta in boiling water - first firm, then floppy.

And now I’ve heard you say that you’ve finally flopped.

I give up. I feel totally disenfranchised.

You and your fellow Tories have utterly screwed us, your country.

I deeply fear for our national future if it remains under the feeble domination of your ilk.

Seán Maffett

Broadcaster and Commentator

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