I CHALLENGE James Gray MP to a public debate on Brexit and Society.

You James Gray MP have said that you are not willing to debate Brexit because it is too divisive and toxic, also you are against 16-17yr olds getting the vote, now they old enough since 2016.

Therefore if you are not willing to stand up for your public and explain the situation as you know it then YOU do your public a great disservice and not worthy of their vote.

If you are not willing to stand up for your public then as an Honourable Member YOU should stand down.

The present state of our public services is also in dissaray: 11000 rough sleepers ( Crisis latest report ), 1.7Million food parcels a week ( Trussel Trust ), more than 400 suicides due to Universal Credit ( Government Freedom of Information ), 11000 staff shortages in NHS, Food rotting in fields due to lack of ( EU ) workers, Refugees with children kept locked up or given accommodation that does not comply with Health and Safety ( NAO Reort ).

All these things brought about by a government that you James Gray MP consistently support.

I challenge you James Gray MP to a public debate on all these items OR just some items.

I am willing to arrange at your earliest convenience in North Wilts, preferably Minety Village Hall.

Maybe we can start the ball rolling for a National Debate,

I look forward to a frank and open debate.

Gordon Sim