Dear Sir

WHAT sensible letter from David Iliffe (Standard, January 10).

He highlighted the congestion that will only get worse at the Victoria Road traffic lights if a multi-storey car park is built in the Waterloo.

He suggests that even the Forum car park could be developed!

The Waterloo would need a second entry exit road direct onto the Grove Lane bypass to make it work, or an exit onto London Road opposite Purley road, not an easy option.

Other options with better access roads.

Knock down the old police station and build one there of course keeping the Forum car parking,or build one on the Old Station carpark.

Another option would be to use the Old Hospital Car Park as the Registry Office is going to be demolished.

These two car parks could be joined with a multi-story this could built above Sheep Street with traffic passing underneath.

Let's keep Cirencester traffic moving in the future.

Philip Dickenson