A BUSINESSWOMAN from Cirencester is starting the year with a financial boost to her PR company thanks to an award at a competition run by the Women's Business Club.

Claire Cunningham, 46, who founded her new company Rockallwight PR that supports innovative SME’s in Gloucestershire and beyond, won £8,000 of business support at a Dragoness’ Den competition, run by Cheltenham's Women’s Business Club.

In two rounds she pitched her new business to judges, culminating in a presentation to a packed audience at the Maximise Conference in Cheltenham on December 5.

The prize includes, business mentoring, social media development, sales coaching, web development, photography, personal styling and more.

Claire, who started Rockallwight PR less than a year ago, said: "It has been a huge morale boost. I have a lot of passion for what I do. My background is in innovation, so I have decided to specialise in businesses that are keen to innovate.

"A lot of the work I do is in enabling businesses to be more outward looking."

She added: “Our new start-up is less than a year old and this is a huge achievement and a memorable business milestone.

"Pitching in the Dragoness’ Den was a great challenge and a rewarding experience in itself. The feedback that I received has already helped me to continue developing Rockallwight PR."

Claire praised the Women's Business Club for their support. She said: "I couldn’t have won without the practical and moral support of my peers at the Women’s Business Club and I am grateful for their help."